Bourbon Tour - The Cincinnati Section of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America

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Bourbon Tour
June 14-16

Join us for a fun filled weekend on Friday June 14th, Saturday June 15th and Sunday June 16th.  

The weekend will consists of drives in the Kentucky countryside, tours of a bourbon barrel maker Kentucky Cooperage, Maker’s Mark Bourbon distillery, Wilderness Trail distillery and Limestone Branch distillery.  

We also have fun and interesting spots selected for meals.  This event has been organized for flexibility to accommodate those that can’t make the entire weekend.  

Please join us for the entire weekend or whatever part fits your schedule.  

We also have a block of hotel rooms held with a club discount  in a location that is centrally located near our destinations.
NOTE: In the PDF link below you will see several tours require advanced purchase!!  You will need to pre-purchase your tickets ahead of the event!!    Pre-purchase is required for the following:

1) Kentucky Cooperage - Friday June 14th 1:00 tour.
2) Maker’s Mark - Saturday June 15th 10:30 tour
3) Hotel - Mention Mercedes Club of Cincinnati to get the discounted rate

See attached PDF for all the details;

Also Please let us know by using theRSVP button below which events you will be attending, and how many people will be coming with you.
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